If you're tired of putting on make-up in the morning or painting your eyebrows and lips asymmetrically, then book an appointment for permanent make-up.


The eyebrows


Microblading is a permanent make-up technique and an alternative to the pigmentation machine. Microblading is done with a manual handpiece and sterile blades. The color pigments are introduced into the top layer of skin and the finest lines are created in the skin.

The blades consist of several needles lined up together that can be glided over the skin to create the most natural microblading hair pattern. The pigmented eyebrows look so precise, fine and even that they are no longer recognizable as permanent make-up. The result looks very natural, regardless of the amount of hair you have.

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Powder brows

The Powderbrows technique is gently pigmented into the top layer of skin using a fine pigmentation method with an extremely fine nano needle and coordinated color pigments. Unlike the microblading technique, here we create a powder effect and more expressive eyebrows. This method is perfect for customers with oily skin as well as for customers who have little to no hair of their own.

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The combination method is a mixture of microblading and powder brows. Individual shadows are placed between the hair drawings according to the customer's wishes. This method is suitable for those who don't have many eyebrows at the back, as this effect makes the eyebrow appear fuller. From the middle of the eyebrow, shades slowly come in, so that there is a smooth transition from fine lines to fine shades.​

This technique is also great for customers who want a natural look, but microblading is too weak for them. It's exactly the middle ground.

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The lips

 Lip pigmentation

Lip pigmentation supports the femininity of every woman - no matter what age. Do you want to get up in the morning and look totally fresh? Then lip pigmentation is the best solution. What can be optimized are pale, thin and asymmetrical lips. The color is of course tailored to the customer's wishes and using color theory that I have learned.​

Of course, you can also have just a lip border pigmented or partial or full shading.

I am often asked the question whether lip pigmentation can also make the lips look larger.

My answer is yes, but I don't believe in oversized ideas. It no longer looks nice when it has healed or faded.​

Elevate Your Look with Permanent Lip Pigmentation – Quick, Stunning, and Safe! 

Our two-step lip pigmentation process takes just 1.5-2 hours for gorgeous, long-lasting results. We prioritize your safety, so we recommend consulting your doctor if you occasionally experience lip-area herpes.

Say goodbye to daily lip makeup and hello to permanently captivating lips, saving you valuable time while looking stunning!"

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As time passes, our lip contours can fade away, whether due to aging or scarring from lip-area herpes. Many women desire a distinct lip contour once more. Our partial shading technique pigments and gently shades the lip contour, offering a delicate and natural appearance. Ideal for those who prefer a subtle and defined outline, without the heavy lipstick effect. Rediscover your perfect lip contour with us!"

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The eyes

Eyelash line thickening​

Eyelash thickening usually uses fine nano needles to pigment black pigments between the eyelashes so that the eyelash line looks thicker and fuller.​

Perfect for clients who want a more expressive look but don't prefer eyeliner.​

Most customers who are blonde and have few or light eyelashes tend to opt for eyelash line thickening.

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Pigmented eyeliner​

With the eyeliner, fine nano needles are usually used to pigment black color pigments on the eyelid, creating a permanently natural or dramatic eyeliner.​

Here you can pursue different looks or customer requests, as everyone has a different idea of the perfect eyeliner for themselves.

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Powder Eyeliner

Are you bored of putting on your eyeliner every morning? Do you also love it when the eyeliner looks smoky or smudged? Then just have it pigmented exactly that way.​

Nothing is easier than that and it is completely painless. And then you have it every day and look super fresh in the morning. Get in touch with us to see which type of eyeliner look suits you best.​

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The face

a woman with a pink and purple make up on her face

Blush effect​

The blush effect is intended to make you look fresher and healthier in the morning. There are many women who hardly wear any make-up but the pink or peach blush on their cheeks is a must. And so that we can relieve you of this hassle and you don't have to clog your pores every time, you can now have this effect pigmented.​

How nice it is to look rosy in the morning, even in winter. Of course, we will advise you where the blush should best suit your face shape and which tone suits your skin tone.

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woman with white flower on her ear

Summer sprouts​

The new trend. Have you noticed yet? Many people always paint their freckles on or apply henna to them so that they last for a few days. Do you also love the summer look of freckles all year round? Us too! Freckles make someone look super friendly and fresh. Some already have a few and want more. And some don't have any and want to have their cheeks and nose full. So why paint or try henna? By pigmenting your freckles, you can benefit from them all year round and no longer need to put make-up on them. Don't worry, they won't last forever. They become lighter from time to time due to the sebum production on the face. Which gives them the natural effect again. Convince yourself!

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